Fake Grass

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Fake Grass

Owning a home that has a large yard attached to it can be a wonderful thing as it allows room for children and pets to roam safely and can be a peaceful setting to just relax and unwind. However, the maintenance of such a beautiful yard can be time-consuming, exhausting, expensive and often frustrating. Oftentimes grass does not grow evenly, quickly, or attractively. Add in mowing, grooming, and trimming, and taking care of a lawn can be a part-time job.

Although it may not be everyone’s first inclination, using fake grass can actually be a wonderful and stress-free alternative to a typical grass lawn. It is an exceptionally great idea when you are starting from scratch and have a yard with no grass at all. Rather than planting seeds, tending to them, watering them, and willing them to grow, an installation of fake grass will give you instant lawn. Even sod, which seems like a good alternative, is not a guaranteed success and requires a lot of watering and coddling.

One of the best reasons to have fake grass is that it is not damaged by harsh conditions that you may experience where you live. Droughts and hot, sunny summer days can dry out a lawn, making it look brown and unattractive. Rather than seeing all your hard work disintegrate, considering using fake grass instead.

Although when people hear “fake grass,” “artificial grass,” or “synthetic grass,” they might think of the 1970s bright green carpet, which is no longer the case. The advancements in fake grass in the past decades have brought some really wonderful products that would make any yard look wonderful and, given the realistic looking nature of today’s artificial grass, and its realistic texture, many people may not even be able to tell the difference.

Today’s fake grass is frequently made from a variety of materials, including rubber, polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene, or some combination of those things. In fact, the grass for some football turf is actually made out of recycled tires. Therefore you can not only have a green, lush lawn, but you can actually be “green” in the process by using recycled materials. In addition to football stadiums, fake grass is popping up on playgrounds, soccer fields, putting greens, and, of course, lawns.

There is a wide variety of types of fake grass to choose from. There are many different colors, widths, heights, and textures. What kind you choose wound depend upon what the grass would be used for, the level of traffic it will experience, as well as personal taste. Be sure to explore all the different varieties of fake grass available before making your selection.

The beauty of synthetic grass is the level of care that you do not have to exert to keep it looking beautiful. There is no need to water, fertilize, or mow. Just enjoy. Plus, although there is the initial cost of purchasing the grass, you do not need to accumulate expenses to care for it like gasoline for the mower and high water bills in the dry heat of summer. The best savings, though, may be the energy that you no longer have to exert, and the sweat and tears that you will no longer need to expel.

Whether you are looking to start a new yard, playground, or playing field, or you want to replace the grass you have because it is looking burnt, uneven, and unattractive, consider fake grass as an alternative to the headaches of lawn care.

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