Lawn Care Tips & Maintenance

Did you realize that lawns have tons of benefits? Not only do they provide a beautiful backdrop for your landscape, they also absorb sound, produce oxygen, trap dust particles, prevent soil from eroding and fight pollution. Not to mention the fact that a well-maintained lawn can significantly increase a home’s value.

This website is designed to simplify every facet of lawn care. Learning all the aspects of lawn maintenance and how they interrelate improves your ability to care for your lawn. We present plans to grow the perfect lawn, but we also understand that this is not the mission for all home owners.

We discuss different types of lawn mowers, how often you should mow and the correct height to mow your lawn. Other important lawn care phases covered include site preparation, lawn soil testing, and the type of lawn grass to choose for your lawn.

A step-by-step guide is given for a do-it-yourself installation of a lawn irrigation system. You can expect to learn the in’s and out’s of watering your lawn within these pages.

Any lawn looks better than having no lawn at all, but a well-kept lawn is more than worth the effort. Well-kept lawns maintain a certain charm that attracts people for different reasons. Maybe it is the comfortable playground it provides for kids or the enchanting setting it gives to a landscape.

Future Lawn Fanatic

The caliber of lawn maintenance depends a great deal on convenience and the amount of time you have to employ on yard care. When you apply lawn fertilizer or mow your lawn all depends on when time permits. These tasks do not have to deflate the pleasure obtained from lawn care. Many homeowners exude a clear pride in being able to grow an attractive lawn, but who can say whether the lawn connoisseur or the occasional weekend mower receives more enjoyment?


Organic lawn care has really made a splash in the last few years even though it isn’t anything new. There are definitely some advantages to pursuing the natural way of growing a perfect lawn.


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“The atmosphere and aroma of a fresh cut lawn – these are the joys of lawn care.”
-Steven Blades