Weed Killers

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Weed Killers

With all the concerns that have arisen in the last few years it is no surprise that there have been an increase in the amount of environmentally-friendly weed control products that are available to the market. Even with this increase some people are still concerned with the possibility of damage to the environment. If this is one of your concerns, here are some absolutely safe alternative weed killers to alleviate your environmental worries.

One excellent method to eradicate these pests is to pour boiling water onto the weed. This will essentially “cook” the weed and kill it. This method is most effective when applied for several days. Another thing about this method is that it makes it easier to pull the weed and get the entire root.

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Salt, or rock salt is a sure method of weed eradication. This has been effectively used for decades by builders laying concrete or paving roadways to eliminate all foliage in the area under the surface. This is a good way to keep the weeds out of the cracks of driveways or when sterilizing the soil.

The ascetic acid in vinegar is deadly to every weed it touches. Ordinary household vinegar is generally around 5% concentrate, so it may need to be reapplied 2 or three times. For tougher weeds a higher percentage may be desired. This can usually be found at a hardware store fairly cheaply.

As odd as it may sound rubbing alcohol dries the water from the weed, and will also kill the roots. Many people mix 1 tablespoon with a quart of water while others use the alcohol straight spraying it in a stream from a spray bottle.

Barriers such as plastic, newspaper, and mulch are effective also. This method also makes it difficult for the weed to take a solid root and will help prevent the weed from spreading. Many mulches also provide good fertilization.

The weed killing solutions offered here can be mixed together to create deadlier concoctions. For example boiling water can be mixed with salt and vinegar. After this is applied a barrier of some type can be laid down to prevent new growth.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that these mixtures are non-selective, meaning that you should apply these being very careful of the plants around the weed that you don’t want to kill. If this isn’t a satisfactory solution there are environmentally safe herbicides that can be purchased that are more selective with the plants that they kill. Usually these products aren’t too expensive and most don’t require a license to buy them.

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