Killing Dandelions

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Killing Dandelions

Dandelions are perennial broadleaf weeds that appear quite often in lawns being one of the more common types seen. It is one of the few weeds that flowers and it can spread rapidly if the seed head is allowed to form. There are nearly 60 different classifications of dandelions throughout the world.

Stages of Growth and Characteristics

A central taproot forms a rosette above the ground and the leaves grow outward as they push down the surrounding area usually killing the grass around it by cutting off its access to sunlight.

The leaves are dark green, approximately 5-25cm long, and scalloped. The yellow flowers turn into the puffy sead heads. If they grow this far, you have to be super careful not to spread the seeds. Dandelions grow through a long taproot as high as two feet.

How to kill dandelions

Killing dandelions can be taxing because digging out just one time doesn’t usually kill it. You may have to dig it out several times before it stops returning. A systemic postemergence herbicide can also be used to spot treed this weed. Regular maintenance is a good method to stop dandelions without pesticides because they thrive on thin, weak turfgrass. Fall is a great time to go after the dandelion weed.

How to get rid of dandelions that have already made a seed head

You need to either bag your clippings when mowing or carefully remove the entire plant from the ground being certain that no seeds are released from the head.

Interesting Facts and Information

There is another plant called a catsears that is also known as “false dandelions” because they are so similar. The main difference is that catsears have coarse and hairy leaves as opposed to the smooth leaves of the dandelion.

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