Leaf Blowers

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Leaf Blowers

Keeping one’s yard clean and debris free is often an ongoing process that is a struggle for many homeowners. Depending on the trees in the yard or in surrounding properties, there might be a good amount of leaf litter that needs to be cleaned up throughout the year. Raking takes quite a bit of time and can be tiring. An effective method to clean them would be with the use of a leaf blower. Choosing the right model is important and some people are surprised at all of the options that are available.

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The first thing to look at would be the size of the yard and what power or size of machine to purchase. A larger, gas powered model is great for a larger yard that requires more work. Small, electric models are less expensive and will serve the homeowner with a small property quite well. The type of litter and debris being removed can affect this. Wet leaves and heavy debris require a machine with more power to be moved or collected.

The next choice would be to decide if the model needs to be one that also vacuums. This choice may depend on the area or neighborhood where the house is located. It is usually easiest to blow the leaves and debris off of the property. This may not be feasible if the home is surrounded by neighbors or if the township or municipality has strict guidelines on this.

Many models will have the option for both, depending on how the hose and attachments are arranged. For collection of the debris, most models will have a bag that is easily attached and easily removed for disposal of the leaves. If it is necessary to transfer the leaves into a collection bag, it is important to get one that is designed to easily transfer the waste.

With any major purchase, it is usually best to get a model from a nationally known and reputable manufacturer. Since the machine will more than likely be used quite hard, it should be able to provide reliable service for many seasons. A warranty from the company should cover the item for at least one year, if not more. With some research and comparison shopping, a great reliable household tool can be obtained.

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