Lawn Roller

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Lawn Roller

There are a number of uses for a lawn roller. A lawn roller has a sturdy handle and a long post. Attached to this is a heavy polyvinyl or masonry roller. A lawn roller can weigh up to twenty pounds depending on size and length preferred. A stone roller comes in handy when you plant new grass seed and want to insure that it’s deeply embedded into the soil. Heavy rainfall often causes grass seed to wash away. A roller will pass over the largest areas of lawns and help the soil take the seed in more deeply.

How To Use A Lawn Roller

For lovers of beautiful lawns who prefer to do-it-yourself, a lawn roller is a conventional way to maintain a lovely green carpet the year round. They make seeding time much simpler and more expedient. In years past, a lawn roller served as a way to evenly spread lime at the beginning of a growing season. The typical spreader coats the lawn with lime or seed. All too often, however, the coating remains mainly at the top edges of the grass where wind or rain can create loss. Gardeners often used a tarp to cover the lawn and then passed the lawn roller over the tarp. This method pressed the lime or seed into the soil.

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Using A Lawn Roller In The Garden

A lawn roller can also be a big help in a newly tilled garden just as it is in a newly tilled lawn. Planting bulbs, flower seeds or vegetable seeds means insuring the right planting depth into the soil. A light covering a topsoil followed by a few passes with a lawn roller gives more reliable insurance that the seeds will remain embedded in the soil.

What To Look For In A Lawn Roller

Before you purchase a lawn roller, consider a good storage place. Look for a lawn roller with a sturdy aluminum handle and post. The next thing to consider is the roller. A lighter weight polyvinyl roller is great for seedings that are close to the soil’s surface. For deeper seedings, a heavier weight roller may be required. If the lawn roller will be used to even a newly tilled soil surface, opt for the heavier weight roller.

Maintenance of A Lawn Roller

Lawn rollers require relatively minor maintenance other than a quick cleaning after each use and a few drops of standard mechanical oil occasionally on the roller pins. Store in a dry place when not in use. With just a little maintenance, a lawn roller will last, depending upon the amount of regular use.

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