Lawn Rake

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Lawn Rake

Amongst the myriad of tools you need to keep your lawn looking its best is the lawn rake. Of course there are many other tools, but the basic lawn rake has possibly more uses than any other lawn tool. In the fall when leaves scatter over your grass, it is important to remove them in order to prepare for the new grass growth in the spring. This could not be accomplished without a lawn rake. When the grass clippings cover your lawn, they too must be removed in order for the grass to receive sun. Once again, the rake to the rescue. Dead grass inhibits the growth of new grass. A lawn rake is the only way to remove the dead while preserving the living grass.

People use the lawn rake to rake sand, sod, pebbles, leaves and more. It’s an invaluable tool. The first rake design that was ever patented in the United States came from Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine, somewhere in the late 1800’s. Chester apparently saw the benefit of moving earth, grass and leaves with a tool rather than with his hands. His first version of a rake was the steel rake, not the lawn rake. But today’s lawn rake has evolved into a household necessity.

Steel head is made of high-carbon spring steel, has 25 teeth, and is 19″ wide. Shape of rake head assures constant pressure on the ground at all times…


They are made of steel or plastic, with varying shapes and uses. There is a bow rake, which has stiff teeth that don’t bend. The bow rake is used to move soil. The thatch rake is used to get deep inside the grass and pull away the thatch. The hand rake is simply a smaller version of the lawn rake. It is useful for reaching into small areas and behind shrubs and smaller plants.

There is even a lake rake which is used to remove scum and unwanted growth from the surface of lakes and ponds. The steel rake has short rigid teeth strong enough to move rocks. It is useful when leveling dirt. It is true that hedge clippers, lawn mowers, edgers and weed whackers are important tools when it comes to lawn care.

But in the end, it is still the lawn rake that cleans up behind them. When all the hedges have been trimmed, there is always a considerable amount of clippings left behind. A lawn rake is capable of cleaning the clippings effectively and quickly. Its long handle allows you to reach the tops of shrubs and pull the clippings off. When working in your yard be sure to always have a lawn rake nearby.

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