How To Prevent Soil Erosion

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How To Prevent Soil Erosion

Did you know that soil erosion is a natural process that normally causes little problems? However, when it comes to your lawn, it is undesirable. There are two factors related to soil erosion. The first is the speed at which wind, water, or whatever agent that causes erosion is moving. The second is the amount of plant coverage there is in the area. In other words a thick and healthy lawn will have minimal soil erosion. The grass provides a protective cover for the soil which helps in preventing erosion.

Here are some methods that can help prevent soil erosion on your property:

  • Plant a diverse selection of plants on your landscape
  • Encourage rich soil with organic matter that works as a glue for the soil
  • Block water paths with stone or wooden retaining walls.
  • Plan and encourage proper drainage.
  • Follow lawn and garden care guidelines to promote healthy plants.

The Importance of Plants and Grass with Soil Erosion

Grass is important because it helps slow down the flow of water allowing it to soak into the ground rather than runoff. The roots from the plants help hold the soil together to prevent it from being washed away. Make sure to perform lawn aeration on your lawn to help encourage healthy root growth as well. Grass also decreases the impact of raindrops hitting the soil. This is important because the top layer of the soil is removed first which happens to be a nutrient rich layer. Do your part and you will end up with a health landscape that has little if any soil erosion.

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  1. oldgrandad

    I am in Covington GA, I have that red clay. I need to stop errosian on both sides of the house. I am perplexed as to choosing the plants or shrubs with the best root system to absorb rain run off. Can you offer suggestions??? Thanks

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