Scotts Lawn Care

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Scotts Lawn Care

Scotts lawn care products have been used by serious lawn and garden enthusiasts for many decades. Their products continue to really define yards in America more than any other brand, ensuring a vibrant and healthy green lawn no matter what type of grass.

Whether your lawn is full of perfect blades of grass or full of dead patches, dandelions and weeds, Scotts lawn care products will bring your lawn back to good health. One of the fundamental steps to a healthy and green lawn involves hydroseeding, or simply regular seeding. This is when grass seeds are spread throughout the yard by mixing them with a mulching agent and then using the hose spray to shoot them all over the yard or lawn. Scotts lawn care offers a superior product and the mulching agent will actually remain over the seeds and protect them when they germinate. However, if you decide to start at this beginning stage, don’t be surprised when you learn that it truly is as exciting as watching grass grow.

Eventually, if done correctly, a bit of green peach fuzz will start to appear all over the yard and then it will slowly grow and fill in. Make sure to be careful and not step on the grass at this point because the blades are still delicate and will be for the next few months. If you used Scotts, then the grass will remain trouble free until the blades are mature.

Another method which is much faster but slightly more expensive is to lay down pads of sod. Sod is those square and rectangular pre-cut sections of grass you see landscapers sometimes laying down in bulk. This is grown at another location and then sliced apart to be delivered and transplanted into a different yard. Scotts lawn care services around the nation can do this for you if you wish and prices are generally affordable. However, there are also some things you need to do before your sod arrives. The soil in your yard needs to be prepared to receive the sod. This is done by putting a four-to-six inch layer of fertilized soil over the entire lawn or area where the sod is to be laid down. Right before the sod arrives, you want to make sure you till the soil.

When the sod arrives, it will come as rolls of grass and stacked in pallets. Scotts lawn care delivery services packages the sod in a way as to be convenient for any customer to simply unroll each piece and place them in position on the yard. Align each strip to be side by side or end to end with each other and when you finish laying down all pieces, you will have an instant lawn, relatively speaking.


Scotts Lawn Service


Scotts offers a specialized lawn service to consumers that includes a free lawn analysis, a full season of lawn treatments, and customer satisfaction that is pretty hard to beat. 1 in 3 of Scotts customers switched to them because they were dissatisfied with other services. They consist of 80 franchises and 81 company owned branches.

For most people it is just too difficult to put in the time necessary to keep up a beautiful lawn – not to mention all the knowledge you need to do it right. That’s where lawn services step in and provide a valuable service to those that still enjoy a lush extension of their home known as the lawn.

What to expect.

Thorough lawn analysis that provides the information to make a custom treatment program for your lawn consisting of fertilizers, pest control, and weed control. Scotts help you establish an optimal mowing and watering schedule essential for your lawn’s success. They provide ongoing service and evaluations for your lawn until you are completely satisfied. If you have a lawn emergency in between treatments, they will come out within 48 hours at no extra charge. Scotts has highly trained service professionals that go through a rigorous training program before being certified. They also adhere to the utmost environmental stewardship to help you do your part in being green. They have recently added an organic option to their services.


Scotts bases their cost on your lawn size and prices accordingly. Based on your lawn’s needs, you could receive other services like lime application, aeration, seeding, and grub control.

What not to expect.

They don’t provide mowing services, so you will either have to find a local lawn maintenance company to perform this service or do it yourself. You will also need to either have an automatic irrigation system or do the watering yourself. While Scotts does help you with a plan, they don’t actually do the watering for you. If you are looking for the totally hands free option, you need to hire Scotts to manage your lawn care needs, a lawn maintenance company to keep it manicured, and an automatic sprinkler system to give it the water it needs.

What you should check.

You should check to see if the Scotts lawn service in your area is either a franchise or a company owned branch. Franchises can be a little looser on their training, so pay closer attention to them to make sure they know what they are doing. The next thing you should look for is a written contract that describes all the terms and conditions clearly. Watch out for automatic renewing type contracts as well.

Scotts lawn care service comes highly recommended and we give them our stamp of approval for solid lawn work. If you aren’t satisfied, let them know and they will do their best to make things right. What else can you ask for?

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  1. John M. Johansen

    I have used Scott products for years and am very satisfied EXCEPT
    for the killing of violets in my lawn. I am overrun with them and
    they seem to get worse. I use Plus-2 and happy with it except for
    violets. Do you have a product that will kill them….but not kill
    the lawn

    • Violets make a wonderful ground cover. You should at least keep them if not encourage them. One nice aspect, aside from the flowers, is that they only grow to about 6″ maximum, unlike grass which can be several feet tall depending on the type. Violets as a result are low maintenance and wonderful to look at and walk on and smell. They are also good as borders and among pavers such as stepping stones, and they do not dry out and brown the way grass does. Worrying about violets is like complaining about the sunset. Save the violets !

  2. John,

    Violets are especially pesky in your lawn. They spread through rhizomes, seeds, and self-pollinating c-flowers. If you are removing them by hand, you have to get the whole plant intact or it will come back. There are some products that work on violets, but Plus-2 is not one of them.

    You can try an herbicide called Triclopyr which comes in popular products such as Ortho Weed-B-Gon. If you have St. Augustine, Centipede, or Zoysia, then try products with Atrazine in them. Be sure to spot treat the violets in spring and fall when they are actively growing. The herbicide needs to stay in contact for at least 24 hours so don’t apply if rain is in the forecast. It may take some time and effort to totally get rid of them. They are extremely resilient plants. Good luck!

    • See my comments above. Violets are to be encouraged, not obliterated with herbicides. At least make a concentrated bed of them if you dig them out. Chemicals are totally unnecessary, a trowel is all it takes. I moved and dug up the violets to take with me to the new place. Just make a violet patch out of them.

  3. Robert Matose

    To whom,
    If I apply Scotts “Grub-X”, July 1st., when can I apply the “Summerguard”??? Bob

  4. I have a Scotts Standard Broadcast Spreader. The small black piece that fits onto the rod that goes round and stirs the fertilizer has come loose and disappeared. How can I replace this part?

    I planned to fertilize today, but find I will have to wait. Hopefully not too long.

    I appreciate your help.

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