Scotts Grass Seed

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Scotts Grass Seed

Homeowners with patchy or bare lawns may be tempted to call a professional lawn service company for a little lawn rehabilitation help. Yet with some basic knowledge and the right Scotts grass seed, cultivating a lush, green lawn can be an easy do-it-yourself project.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, the world’s largest marketer of branded consumer and lawn and garden products, offers two main lines of grass seed. Knowing about each line’s products and choosing the right one will allow a homeowner to boost or restore his yard’s health and curb appeal.

The company’s comprehensive Turf Builder line is known for its high-performance seed, with each grain surrounded by an absorbent coating that soaks up and holds water, speeding the germination process and reducing the frequency of watering needed to trigger new grass growth. Scotts Turf Builder seeds are highly specific to geography, type of grass and lawn conditions, making seed selection a snap.

For example, the Scotts Turf Builder Centipede Grass Seed & Mulch bag is specifically made for southern U.S. coastal areas where the soil is sandy and acidic. It grows a low-maintenance lawn that requires infrequent mowing and feeding. Or, for Pennsylvania lawns and those nearby there is the Scotts Turf Builder Pennsylvania State Mix. It is resistant to dandelions and crabgrass, and is suited for mixed sunny and shady lawns.

For seeding in difficult-to-grow areas, such as yards that are extra-dry, extra-shady or frequently trampled by children and pets, Scotts offers two Turf Builder EZ Seed products: original EZ Seed and EZ Seed for Tall Fescue Lawns. Each features the absorbent coating characteristic of the entire Turf Builder line, plus a continuous-release fertilizer.

Last, Scotts’ Patchmaster grass seed line is specifically for the homeowner who is battling stubborn patchy areas in an otherwise healthy lawn. An all-purpose, all-in-one product that can be applied to patches on most lawn types, both the Patchmaster Sun & Shade Mix and the Patchmaster Tall Fescue Mix contain grass seed, starter, fertilizer and mulch.

Directions for each product are right on the bags, providing at-a-glance seeding and watering instructions, as well as recommended spreader settings.

Your local home and garden supply store will carry the Scotts grass seed products best suited to your area’s weather and soil conditions, narrowing down your choices to a manageable selection — just look for the red Scotts logo. When in doubt about which product to apply to your lawn, speak to a knowledgeable grass seed merchandiser or visit the Scotts lawn care website at

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  1. Loretta Yescavage

    I bought Scott’s ez seed and was totally disappointed in the results .I returned my sales slip and a written statement as to my disappointment and wanted a refund.I did not hear anything yet?I have bought Scott’s for many many years,but totally upset with this product after all my hard work with topsoil etc.I hope you can check on this for me

    • Loretta,

      Sorry for the confusion. We have no relation with Scotts company so we can’t do anything to help. I wish your experience had been better. Good luck.

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