Scotts Grubex

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Scotts Grubex

Scotts GrubEx is a pesticide intended for season-long control of Japanese beetles and their grubs, as well as other beetle grubs, cutworms, chinch bugs, and other caterpillars and larvae that make their homes under lawns.

Japanese beetles are a threat to gardeners in two ways. First, as grubs, they infest the lawn. This is both unsightly and dangerous to the grass, because the beetles eat the roots. Second, in their adult form, Japanese beetles attack the leaves of a wide variety of plants, including fruit and vegetable plants, decorative species, and trees. The beetles eat away the material of the leaves between the veins, creating a lacy, “skeletonized” look and damaging the plant’s ability to feed itself. While in their native Japan, the beetles are controlled by natural predators, in America the beetles are a dangerous pest. Regular treatment of your lawn, however, will help reduce the threat from Japanese beetles.

Scotts Grubex Grub Control

Preventative and early-active grub control product.
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If you are wondering whether or not you have a grub problem, dig up the surface layer of about a square foot of your lawn and look for white, C-shaped grubs with dark heads. If you count more than half a dozen, then you have a potential problem.

When applying Scotts GrubEx, it is important to get the timing right. The pesticide works best when the grubs are newly hatched and still small. It is much less effective against larger grubs. For most of the country, this means applying it in early summer, or at least no later than midsummer — that is, June or July.

The process of applying is fairly simple. Mow your lawn first to make sure the pesticide penetrates down to the soil, and water your lawn the day before. Use a broadcast or drop spreader to scatter the pellets evenly, then sweep any pellets that have landed on the sidewalk, patio, or other hard surfaces back on to the lawn. Water the lawn again to ensure that the pesticide soaks all the way into the ground. Since this is a potentially toxic chemical, you should observe all reasonable precautions: read the instructions on the bag before you do anything else, don’t allow children or pets onto the lawn until the grass dries, wear eye protection while scattering the pellets, and don’t use Scotts GrubEx in any place where rain runoff goes directly into a creek, pond, or other body of water.

If you follow these instructions, you can look forward to having a greener, healthier lawn and plants through the fall, and less pest trouble in the year to come.

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  1. renald latici

    the instructions on the bag are totally different than on the website the product does not work at all if you follow drections on the bag.

    • Try beneficial nematodes. They’re not cheap and sometimes difficult to find, but they do work at killing harmful pests including grubs.

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