Organic Pesticides

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Organic Pesticides

For thousands of years, people have had a love affair with their plants. Whether it’s houseplants or gardens, we are always trying to find ways to stay in touch with nature. The biggest problem is in finding ways to keep our beautiful plants healthy and free of pests. Over the years, humans have come up with some ingenious ways to keep pests out of their plants. However, in the past 100 years, we’ve looked to harmful chemicals to do the job.

In today’s society, we have come to realize the importance of using organic pesticides. Because of years of overusing chemicals, many rural communities are finding high levels of these pesticides in the ground water. So, what options do farmers and home growers have to combat the different types of pests that infest our gardens and houseplants?

The first trick is in knowing your enemy. The term “pests” can go further than just a few bugs on your tomatoes. Pests can also include birds and small mammals. In some cases, large mammals such as deer are seen as pests in community gardens and fields. In this case, the trick is to keep them out of your plants with items such as scarecrows. Another way is to grow other plants around your gardens and fields that will deter these animals. In smaller gardens, growing garlic around the outside of the rest of the garden will help keep out rabbits and moles.

There are several home remedies for making your own organic pesticides. Things you keep on hand could be used to repel insects around your plants. For example, hot pepper sauce is a great tool for keeping the bugs out. Mix with water and a little spearmint oil and keep in a spray bottle. Make sure to dilute the pepper sauce as it can damage leaves and stems in its pure form.

If you find that your houseplants seem to be infected with spider mites, simply cover your plants in soap suds. Any type of dish detergent will work, but only use the suds and not straight from the bottle. Fill up a sink full of warm, soapy water and cover your plant with the suds. This will not damage your plants and is safe to keep around your family and pets.

One of the best organic pesticides is other insects. If you find that your roses are covered in aphids, you need ladybugs. You can order ladybugs and praying mantis from most seed producers. The only problem is keeping them in your garden. But, if you have a lot of little bugs for them to feed on, they’ll more than likely stick around.

You can do your part in saving the planet by keeping your houseplants and gardens chemical free. Using organic pesticides around your home will help keep your family and pets safe. You might also find that a few home remedies will keep costs down. So, not only are you saving the environment, but you’re saving money too.

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