Organic Weed Killer

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Organic Weed Killer

Have you ever taken an evening stroll through your neighborhood during the summer and been nearly overcome by the odor of chemical weed killer? Have you wondered just how safe these chemical lawn applications are for children and pets? There is a better, safer way to have a beautiful lawn. Organic weed killer is gaining in popularity, resulting in part from today’s increasing concerns regarding better health and the environment.

Why Use Organic Products and Methods?

There are numerous reasons to be concerned about the use of harsh non-organic products on your lawn. It stands to reason that if one must wear boots, gloves, and a surgical mask to apply a weed killer, the chemical formula is not a safe thing to be messing with. Many products suggest a waiting period of 48 hours before walking on the grass or allowing children to play in the yard. Pets are especially vulnerable because of their small size, the direct contact they have with the lawn, and their propensity for licking their feet. Residues also can affect birds and fish.

How to Kill Weeds without Chemicals

It stands to reason that pulling weeds is a tried and true method of controlling them, but that obviously is not feasible for an entire lawn. One simple method that has been in use for many years is a homemade solution of vinegar, salt, and dish soap. This is most useful for controlling weeds only in small areas.

There are many commercial formulations available today that are free of harsh chemicals and considered eco-friendly. They are composed of a variety of ingredients, which can include salts, oils, and natural acids. Another way of helping control weeds is to incorporate grass-free beds of flowering plants that can be mulched to keep weeds out. Planting trees and covering the surrounding grounds with hardy plants and mulch is also useful.

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Benefits of Chemical-Free Weed Control

A beautiful green lawn free of weeds is possible without dangerous chemicals, harsh odors and poisonous residues. Many homeowners are unaware of the availability of organic lawn products, and once educated on how to make changes, they would happily modify their weed control methods. Making the switch to organic weed control is one of the best things one can do for the environment and the health of people, pets, and wildlife.

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