Reel Lawn Mower

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Reel Lawn Mower

Unlike the heavy models from the previous century, a modern push reel mower can cut grass with the same efficiency found in a motorized push mower. Reel mowers are lightweight and easy to use, and a human powered lawn mower has some great advantages over running a lawn mower with a motor. Read on to find out why such a simple lawn mower can be a great investment.

Reel Mowers Are Low On Price And Maintenance

Since a lawn mower with a push reel has no motor the list of potential problems goes down significantly. A lawn mower with a push reel will never break down from lack of use at the start of the lawn growing season. No gas will be necessary to keep a lawn mower with no engine running, and the simple construction and parts list generally makes a reel lawn mower much less expensive than a powered mower.

Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

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Push Lawn Mowers Are Good For The Environment

Nothing can reduce a home’s carbon footprint quite as simply and efficiently as choosing a lawn mower that doesn’t need to use gas to run. When someone uses a mower that doesn’t need power, they don’t spread smog fumes through their lawn and home area and don’t waste gasoline or electricity on keeping their yard tidy. Many people who care about their environmental impact aren’t ready to give up on having a lawn, and a good self powered mowing option gives these people a chance to keep it while still being responsible.

A Push Mower Is Quiet

Engine powered lawn mowers create a loud racket that most people would be better off avoiding. A homeowner can’t mow the lawn during awkward hours, and annoying the neighbors with lawn mowing noises is always a risk that has to be taken. With a push lawn mower instead of a powered lawn mower, a yard can be mowed with only the noise of walking. A simple mower that doesn’t need power can open up an opportunity to mow the lawn on whatever schedule best suits the homeowner.

While some people will have a hard time believing that high quality reel mowers make a reasonable replacement for a lawn mower that needs power, anyone who actually tries mowing their lawn without the engine will be pleasantly surprised. Hand powered lawn mowers can provide a peaceful and relaxing mowing experience that is both good for the environment and unlikely to be interrupted by maintenance issues. A simple reel push mower is one of the best small investments a home owner can make.

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