Liquid Lawn Aerator

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When it comes to caring for one’s lawn, most people know the basics; cutting the grass, keeping soil fertilized, and watering. However, there is another important lawn maintenance process, soil aerating. This process will keep a lawn healthy, green, and lush.

Liquid Aerator Blend – One Quart


LazyMan Liquid Soil Aerator, 1 Qt.

Many people have never heard of lawn aeration. Over time, soil can get compacted. There are some reasons for this, though sometimes it is simply inevitable with the passage of time. Sometimes high foot traffic is to blame. Compaction can also happen from repeated lawn mowing.

Compacted soil can lead to some bad outcomes. Roots will have to struggle and work their way into the soil in order to absorb nutrients. If these roots cannot make it down deep enough, they cannot absorb the nutrients needed to stay healthy and alive.

Proper circulation is very important for a lawn. Without air, there will be no decomposition, which can cause thatch. A lawn will begin to look thin, dead, and offensive. With aeration, fertilization is optimized. Fertilizer and nutrients will have a direct pathway to the roots.

Traditionally, lawn aeration involves some work. Heavy machines are used to take out plugs of soil, or to slice into it. However, there is an easier method available. Liquid lawn aeration has the same beneficial affects without such grueling activity.

This is an application that is spread onto the lawn. It has gone through an ionizing process, so the application will stick to and break up dirt. This will allow for circulation, and the loosening of soil. The application will continue to work at softening soil up to a couple of months.

With time, root development will naturally occur, and other organic processes will flourish as well. A major benefit of using a liquid method is that it can cover the entire lawn with little effort. One will also not need to worry about plugs of soil being pulled out.

There is no need to suffer from an unsightly lawn. Aerating the lawn can be done easily, without backbreaking labor. Begin the process of proper lawn maintenance today!

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