How to Fix a Lawn Mower

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How to Fix a Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a mechanical piece of machinery, so it’s a given that from time to time it’s going to need repairs. As with any piece of equipment though, taking good care of your mower and performing regular maintenance will extend the life of your machine. When problems do arise, however, you will find that there are some that are more common than others, and most of these you can repair rather easily. With more serious problems though, you may want to consider taking your lawn mower to a professional who can ensure that it’s repaired properly. Here are some basic instructions to solve common mower problems and get you back in the yard:

  • Check your fuel and oil levels. It may sound obvious, but many times people simply forget to fill up the mower’s gas tank. If there is gas in the tank, however, it could be that the fuel is old (it’s possible for gas to go bad) or water has somehow seeped in. Both of these instances can result in a mower failing to start, so you may need to drain the gas and put new fuel in. Also, make sure you have enough oil and that it’s at the proper level.
  • Take a look at your spark plugs. Spark plugs are also at the root of many mower problems. If your spark plugs are old and worn, they can result in your mower not starting. Thankfully, they’re inexpensive and easy to replace – just refer to your owner’s manual to get the right specifications for installing and tightening them.
  • Check your mower’s battery. Batteries can go bad, particularly if they’ve been sitting through a cold winter, so when spring arrives and mowing season begins, you may find that you’ve got a dead one. If a jump or a recharge doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the battery.
  • Examine the blade. Like all blades, those on your mower will eventually get dull. Mower blades are also prone to being bent, dented, or broken, which can wreak havoc on your lawn if you continue to mow with the damaged blade. Disconnect your spark plug, prop up your mower, and have a look under the deck. Check for any damage to the blade, and if there is any, you’ll need to replace it. Simply loosen the bolt, take off the old blade and replace it with a new one, put the bolt back in place, and voila – you’ve got a new mower blade! If your blade is only dull, however, you can easily sharpen it for better performance.

Of course, these are only the more common mower problems that can occur, and they are all easily fixed. If you’ve gone over each of these possibilities and your lawn mower still won’t start or is not performing properly, the problem could be more serious. In that case, you should probably take it to a professional repair person so he or she can diagnose the problem and repair it accordingly. And remember, proper maintenance that is performed regularly, such as oil and filter changes, will give you a mower that lasts longer and operates better.

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