Finish Mower

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Finish Mower

Different lawn mowers are designed to perform different jobs. Smaller push mowers, with a standard deck size of 22 inches, are popular amongst homeowners because they are easy to use, easy to store and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. For larger properties, or for commercial lawn cutting, there are bigger and more heavy-duty mowers. The decks on these pieces of machinery can range in size from 36 inches wide, all the way to seventy-two inches. They are designed for frequent use, and can better withstand abuse. These types of mowers are rotary, meaning the blades spin at several hundred revolutions per minute, and chop off the grass tips. Rotary mowers are used on small or large yards where precision and a good quality cut are paramount. They are available in a riding or walk-behind style.

For people who own much larger properties, such as pastures, hilly fields, or extensive acreage for farming or agricultural purposes, a finish mower is the machine to use. Rather than purchase an entirely different piece of machinery to mow these sprawling areas, finish mowers utilize the already-existing capabilities of a tractor. They are durable and robust attachments designed to trail behind a tractor. Finish mowers, like standard mowers, come in varying widths. Decks can be 54 inches, 72 inches, 82 inches and higher. A category 1 or 2 tractor is capable of pulling most finish mowers.

Nearly all tractors are equipped with a 3-point hitch which is a standard mechanism used for attaching various implements. This makes attaching, and towing a finish mower effortless. The mower is as easily secured to the tractor as it is removed.

Finish mowers have two types of discharge—side and rear. For those wishing to disperse grass clippings without leaving clumps of clippings, a rear discharge mower is best. Side discharge finish mowers leave behind a windrow, which makes gathering the clippings easier, when necessary.

Four rubber tires steady the finish mower, enabling an even cut. Height adjustments can easily be made, allowing the user to cut grass to any desired length. Many manufacturers of finish mowers offer color selections, so the mower attachment can compliment the color of the tractor.

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