The Inside Scoop on Electric Reel Mowers

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The Inside Scoop on Electric Reel Mowers

If you’ve ever mowed with a reel lawn mower, then you know they can cut like a dream with the right conditions. However, mowing on days when conditions are perfect can be few and far between. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to mow your lawn without dealing with the imperfections of a reel mower the electric reel mower is the perfect compromise.

Why Electric Reel Mowers are Better than Reel Lawn Mowers?

The electric reel mower improves upon the design of a basic reel mower in several key ways. The first way is they use an electric powered motor to drive the blades. This makes the blades more powerful, allows tackling thicker patches of grass, and eliminates the need to make multiple passes (a common issue with reel mowers). An electric reel handles heavier weeds such as dandelions which can be passed over by traditional reel mowers.

The second key improvement is the combined weight of the motor, battery and mower which provides more stability. Reel lawn mowers also tend to bounce around and leave uneven cuts. The added weight from the electric reel mowers eliminates this problem and provides a clean, even cut; even in bumpy locations.

Finally, electric reel mowers cut your mowing time in half compared to reel lawn mowers. This is true for two reasons. One being that the electric version doesn’t require multiple passes. The second reason is the blades are powered which allows more grass to be cut for a quicker job.

Electric Reel Lawn Mowers are Green

Traditional push reel mower are the only mowers with zero emissions (making it the ideal green mower) it still has several drawbacks which prevent many people from buying and/or using them. I’ve already stated why the electric reel mowers are better, but the question remains “Is an electric reel lawnmower better for the environment?”

The electric reel mower far exceeds any other lawn mowing options in terms of environmentally-responsible lawn care. These mowers are battery-powered and run off of electricity so there are no immediate fumes being released. And even though many sources of electrical power aren’t necessarily green, the electric reel mower can be run off of alternative energy which is not possible with gas-powered mowing equipment.

Finally, mowing with any type of reel mower is better for grass as it sheers (much like a pair of scissors) instead of tearing like rotary mowers. This leaves drought (reducing water usage), insect, and disease resistant grass which is much healthier.

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Reed is an environmentally conscious homeowner who is constantly looking for ways to improve quality of life as well as the environment. He operates a website on earth-friendly landscaping tools and ideas that demonstrates the ease in which you can have a great lawn with a low carbon footprint. You can learn more here.

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  1. Electric reel mower also comes with some other luxury features such as a removable grass catcher and a LED battery display (which means you won’t get surprised half way through mowing). In addition to these premium features, the Gardena still comes with the standard features such as a manual mode that will allow you to push the mower and still get the job done.

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