Lazy Man’s Guide to Lawn Care

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Lazy Man’s Guide to Lawn Care

Lawn care can be a very time and labor consuming activity, especially if it’s done improperly. We all wish that there was some kind of magic bullet that we could do nothing and still have the most beautiful lawn on the block. While there is no magic bullet per se, there are several things you can do to get the most out of your limited efforts. Lazy man – here is your list of lawn care tips:

1. Lawn Mowing

Raise the cutting level of your lawn mower to one of the highest settings. Cutting your grass at a higher level helps protect the grass root system, makes it more difficult for weeds to move in, and requires less watering. It should take you less than a minute or two to adjust your lawn mowers height. That makes for a handy return on investment.

The next time saving tip you can do is combine activities. Thinking of drinking a beer? Why not knock them both out by drinking a cold one as you mow the lawn? Be careful though, don’t want to get pulled over for a lawn mowing DUI 🙂

2. Watering

This one is easy. Water your lawn less frequently. It happens to be the best thing for your lawn. While your neighbor is toiling and laboring by watering daily, he is really just causing his grass to have a shallow, weak root system. Instead, you get to spend less time watering and still enjoy healthy grass with deep roots. Wait to water until the grass shrivels, turns greyish colored, or footprints stay in the grass. Those signals let you know when it is time to water. Make sure to water deep when you do.

3. Fertilizing

There is no easy way to put out fertilizer. Fortunately, it really isn’t that hard to do anyways. If you can muster up half an hour of time to fertilize three to five times a year, you can significantly improve the way your lawn looks. As far as money and time goes, fertilizing provides the greatest ROI for your lawn. Just like our bodies or anything living, grass needs to be fed properly to stay in top shape. Most of the time when a lawn is struggling, it is because it was only fertilized once or twice or maybe not at all.

4. Soil Preparation

This tip only applies to those looking to start a new lawn. Creating a solid base of healthy top soil at least 6″ deep is essential to preventing potential problems in the future. Any time and money you spend here will pay off great dividends in the future.

5. Edging

Here is a tip that I kind of stumbled on by accident. I found out that when I trim the edges of my lawn I can turn the angle of the trimmer in towards the grass and get away with only trimming every other mowing. That significantly cuts down on the time I have to spend and the lawn still looks great.

Follow these easy tips and you will be well on your way to being the happiest, laziest lawn owner on the block. I know I am.

Author Bio

Matt Morrison is a lawn expert, homeowner, and website hobbyist from Texas. He enjoys working on his own lawn and helping others make their lawn the best it can be. You can read more of his articles here.

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  1. Thanks for these helpful tips. I hate doing the lawn, but with these tips, it should make my life a bit easier.

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