Lawn Tools

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Lawn Tools

Maintaining a perfect lawn can become an enjoyable pastime. Not only do you beautify you’re environment, but it also serves as a great form of exercise for many people. In order to do the job properly, you’ll need a comprehensive set of lawn tools that can help you make the most efficient use of your time, and deal with any problems that may arise.


The first issue of lawn maintenance is dealing with grass, which keeps growing back no matter how many times you cut it down. In the endless effort to keep all the grass at a uniform height, people eventually invented mechanical lawn tools to help them. The lawnmower has a simple function, but there are several varieties to choose from.

First you have your basic push mower. This is the most basic lawnmower design used by most people today. They come in both gas and electric varieties, and require human muscle for pushing them around while the motor does the work of chopping the grass. They’re quite effective, and most of them can easily handle twigs and other small debris, so only minimal preparation is required before getting to work. Some people find the basic maintenance required for the gasoline variety can be a little annoying, but the additional power is a big advantage.

A variation on the basic push mower is the reel mower. This is the old fashioned kind of push mower that runs on pure human effort. They’ve been around since the 1800’s, and they’re the most environmentally friendly approach to mowing. Some people choose reel mowers for the simple fact that they provide more exercise than an electric lawn mower. Newer designs are much easier to use than the old ones, but they can still be easily tripped up by twigs and other debris, so heavy raking is required.

Riding Lawnmowers have become more popular in recent years, even though they’re quite expensive compared to most other lawn tools. In many cases the added convenience and speed are well worth the price. Riding mowers are a great choice for those with especially large properties. If you have several acres of grass to deal with, push mowers are probably out of the question, and riding mowers are your default choice. Some riding mowers are quite elaborate, and almost function as mini tractors, with different kinds of attachments such as small plows.

Grooming Devices

After you have a lawn mower, the next thing you’ll need is a little device called a weed trimmer (also known as a weed whacker, or weed eater). These also come in both electric and gas varieties. Usually a weed trimmer relies on a thin nylon string that’s spun at very high speed. They allow you to access places that a lawn mower can’t reach, and they let you deal with delicate areas like flower gardens, that could be damaged by a lawn mower.

The big question with your weed trimmer is really whether you want a heavy duty gas machine, or a smaller battery powered one. The differences in power are absolutely noticeable, as are the differences in weight. As a general rule, if you have only a small area that needs this kind of maintenance, you’ll probably want to use an electric weed trimmer, but if you have a very big yard, you’ll choose a gas powered version.

Another important aspect of basic lawn maintenance is trimming hedges and branches. Pruning shears are small scissor shaped devices, and they’re used for cutting heavy plants and small branches. Hedge shears are larger, and usually require two hands to use. They’re great for creating a nice uniform shape on your shrubbery and different sorts of bushes.

Other Essentials

A rake is another crucial tool for anyone that wants a well manicured lawn. Many people may not realize that not all rakes are created for the same purpose. There are lighter rakes that are mainly designed to deal with leaves and debris in your yard, and there are heavier rakes that are used for loosening the soil, and removing rocks from the dirt. Choosing the right kind of rake for the sort of job your doing is important, because they aren’t remotely interchangeable.

Finally, no lawn toolkit is complete without a shovel. The uses for shovels are numerous, and fairly straightforward. They can help you dig up branches, loosen soil, and they’re absolutely essential for any sort of landscaping task you might have in mind. There are also smaller shovels for use in a small garden, and these can be very useful.

Now that you’ve got the tools…

With the lawn tools listed above, you have everything you need to get started in basic lawn maintenance. Keeping a nice yard can be a fun way to get some fresh air and spend some time in the sun. If you use these tools properly you can also get some exercise without breaking your back in the process.

Author Bio

Matt Morrison is a lawn expert, homeowner, and website hobbyist from Texas. He enjoys working on his own lawn and helping others make their lawn the best it can be. You can read more of his articles here.

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