Water Conservation Made Easy

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Water Conservation Made Easy

Watering restrictions are a part of life for many regions that experience droughts. Things get tricky when a restriction is mandated. However, grass has a great ability to survive droughts when it is well-maintained. Let’s discuss some things that you can do to help conserve water.


A lawn that has sufficient nutrients will have a stronger, deeper root system that can withstand longer periods of drought. Make sure you have a sufficient annual lawn fertilizer program in place.


Aerating the lawn will help improve infiltration of water to the root zone by opening up the thatch layer at the surface of the soil. This also helps to prevent run off which wastes water.

Mow Higher

Mowing your lawn at the highest recommended setting for your grass type does two things. It encourages a deeper root system and makes it a more water-efficient lawn.

Watering Technique

Keep a watering schedule that is both infrequent and deep. This also encourages a deeper root system and gives the grass tolerance to being without water.

How to Conserve When There is Plenty of Water

You should use sensors that measure rain and soil moisture to override your sprinkler system’s schedule. This helps keep your lawn with the same amount of water every week while saving water based on how much it rains. If you don’t have an automatic system, you can still get a timer that you can put on a faucet with a hose sprinkler. This will help keep from watering longer than you wish and wasting water.

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