Sprinkler Heads

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Sprinkler Heads

With spring in the air, your lawn is awaiting you as it is yearning to grow. There are many components that go with creating an envious lawn. One of the ways you can keep your lawn in tip top shape, is to make sure it has proper watering at all times. Although most of us grew up watering our lawns with hoses, we can now purchase sprinkler heads that will do the job for us everyday. Yes, watering yourself is still effective, but everyone could use more relaxation time, which is what you get to do while your sprinkler heads are nourishing your plants.

The sprinklers themselves do not cost too much, while installation should not cost you very much either. For more in depth sprinklers that are installed into the ground, you may require the aid of someone else. If you are using an above ground system, you will be able to install it all yourself and control how much water you want and when. With more in depth sprinklers, you will more than likely have an electrical box which you can set on timers to ensure great care of your plants. While above ground systems are easier for installation, they are not likely to last you as long.

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Home improvement stores such as The Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware, will provide you with anything you need to make your sprinkler system possible, and will even help you to learn how to install it yourself to save money. If you are planning on purchasing above-ground sprinklers, you have many options of what kind you plan on using. The options you have for above-ground sprinkler heads would be impulse, oscillating, rotating, turret & spot, walking and drip irrigation. If you are planning to install underground sprinklers, you have the option of pop up sprinkler heads. With this comes choices of pumps, controllers, valves, timers, and any replacement you may need throughout time.

Some popular brands for underground sprinkler systems are Rain Bird, Orbit, Toro, Lawn Genie, and Electrooptix, Ace Hardware, Lowes, and Home Depot. Above ground sprinkler options have popular brands such as Yard World, Naan Sprinklers, Gilmour, Gardien Waterworks, Melnor-Gardena, Touch N Flow, Dramm, Nelson, and Rain Cricket.

The average pricing of underground sprinkler heads is usually between $3 and $30 per head. This is a wide price range solely because of various features, sizes, and sprinkling ranges. After purchasing everything you need for your underground system, installation, and periodic replacements, it is well worth every penny, and will last you a long time. The average pricing of above-ground sprinkling systems is typically between $10 and $75. Although this may seem like it is more expensive, it is actually cheaper than an underground system. However, it is sure to not last you as long.

Regardless of which sprinkler heads you decide are best and most affordable for your lawn, it will turn out beautiful. Keep all your spring growth strong into the summer months, as your lawn will just become more stunning everyday. Enjoy your lawn care and all the memories that will come because of it.

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