Lawn Sprinkler

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Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn sprinklers have completely revolutionized the way that we water our lawns. They have made irrigation schedules seemingly effortless compared to the old hose and tug jobs of the past. Let’s face it, it is a serious pain the in the neck to drag around garden hoses all over your lawn. Especially considering that now you can even plan and install a lawn sprinkler system all by yourself these days. There are all kinds of different sprinkler systems as well. You can use drip irrigation, rotary sprinklers, spray heads, impact sprinklers, etc.

Types of Lawn Sprinkler


stationary sprinklerStationary sprinklers are any type that is fixed and sprays water through a pattern of holes in the top of the sprinkler head spraying in a circular pattern. The area covered by stationary sprinklers is determined by the size, shape, and pattern on those holes. These are very effective sprinklers for smaller lawns and garden areas.


oscillating sprinklerOscillating sprinklers work by spraying multiple streams of water out the openings of a straight spray tube. This tube oscillates back and forth watering in a rectangular fashion. The older, more traditional designs had curved aluminum tubes, but the newer versions use straight tubes with progressive angles. Oscillators can water medium to big areas and are pretty popular.


traveling sprinklerTraveling sprinklers are self-propelled with the ability to cover large and irregular areas. The most common types of traveling sprinklers are the tractor and wind-up. The unit works by two watering arms that “sling” water in a circular pattern. A wind-up unit follows a cord that is laid out by the user and the tractor unit drags the hose behind it following the hoses pattern.


rotary sprinklerRotary sprinklers work by spraying water from the tips of spray arms that spin as the sprinkler works. You can set defined start and stop travel patterns for the sprinklers to spin. This sprinkler is perfect for watering small to medium sized lawns and sometimes have varying adjusts like mist or jet spray.


impulse sprinklerPulsating or impulse sprinklers are very efficient and versatile sprinklers. They operate with low water pressure and ironically discharge a lot more water in a given period of time than most sprinklers. They also cover a very large area. The spray stays close to the ground and comes out strong enough to withstand wind. It has a large orifice that rarely clogs too. These sprinklers come made with various materials. You can get stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, zinc, brass and combinations.


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