The Benefits of Mondo Grass

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The Benefits of Mondo Grass

Mondo grass is perhaps one of the most beautiful groundcover plants on the market. It is more commonly referred to as monkey grass or fountain plant. The verdant color of the plant makes it a popular alternative to traditional lawns. In addition, monkey grass never needs to be mowed and remains full and fluffy all year long. Monkey grass is a member of the lily family, but has the appearance of a feathery, hale and hearty turf with thin blades.

As an ornamental plant, it is also dispensed amongst the borders of home gardens, between brick and stone, and among other plants inside rockeries and flower beds. Many gardeners choose this type of grass over ivy because it is much easier to maintain (and looks just as beautiful!). In the summer, this type of grass grows small berries a deep azure in color, but they blend in naturally with the verdant shades of the plant. Weed control is extremely simple with this type of groundcover plant, giving it another advantage over other groundcover plants. Monkey grass usually reaches an average height of 6-11 inches.

Dwarf mondo grasses are an excellent choice for gardeners who want a version of this beautiful groundcover growth that grows a bit smaller. This type of grass only grows about two to four inches tall, and the leaves are more compacted together. This gives off a more well-maintained appearance compared to normal variants of monkey grass.

The most unique variant of these families of groundcover plants is the black monkey grass plant. This variant has seen a gradual rise in popularity since the mid 80’s when it was first introduced to the West on a widespread basis. It has an extremely unique appearance that brings a dramatic look to gardens, pathways, and beds. Like most other types of monkey grass, it grows easily in most types of soil and requires a very low amount of maintenance.

Edging pathways with monkey grass is an excellent way to give a front yard an exotic look. One of the most visually stunning ways this type of grass is used is as a highlighting border for rhombic brick pathways. It can be grown around the borders of a garden to bring more life to colorful plants inside. Ferns, lilies, irises, and tulips are excellent when paired with monkey grass in a flowerbed.

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  1. can mondo be used an animal feed like rabbits and goats?

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