Yard Guard

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Yard Guard

When you are working so diligently in your lawn through the spring and summer months, one of the biggest worries is being able to keep your lawn healthy and safe from anything that would harm it. One way you can ensure that it is fending off damage, yet at the same time getting nutrients, is to invest in some kind of yard guard, otherwise known as fertilizers.

Whether you are starting your lawn for the first time, or you are experienced, you will realize that the world of lawn fertilizers is so confusing with various numbers of different features and formulas. By the time you have finished reading this, you will know everything you need to about the best fertilizing strategies for your lawn.

To start off, there are many different kinds of fertilizers you can use such as soluble, slow release, granular, organic, inorganic, and foliar. You can take a wild guess and realize that the organic blends will be most healthy for your plants, however they all have almost the same benefits and protect-ant effects. Keep in mind that it does not matter what kind of form they are, this just means that they will be spread among your grass in a variety of different ways.

When you are searching for the perfect fertilizer, there are three main factors that you need to pay close attention to. These factors are N (for nitrogen), P (for phosphorous), and K (for potassium). These three components will stimulate the growth of your plants’ roots, help your flowers bloom strong, and give your plants the nutrients they need to grow strong dark green leaves. These three components are also used as a base to the ratio system of your yard guard, which will be found on the packaging of any fertilizer you are researching.

If you plan on purchasing inorganic yard guard, the most popular variety is liquid or chelated iron, ammonium nitrate, super-phosphate, acidifying soluble, and balanced fertilizers. Organic fertilizers have a much wider variety featuring liquid seaweed, dry and homemade compost, many animal manures, blood and bone meal, alfalfa meal, green-sand, fish meal, fish hydrolyzed, fish emulsion, worm castings, cottonseed meal, balanced fertilizers, and wood ash. When you are searching for the best fertilizer, remember that all of these popular products go specifically with certain types of conditions in your lawn. These yard guard products can be used to improve the structure of your soil, provide extra nitrogen, stimulating microbes, improve phosphorous levels, and provide plenty of iron and potassium. The best determined combination of these guard products, which will improve the health of your garden tremendously is liquid seaweed, with hydrolyzed fish.

Regardless of what products you end up purchasing and using on your lawn, you are sure to get positive results as long as you follow the instructions. This will ensure your plants and your garden as a whole will receive the most effective nutrients it needs to grow to its fullest potential. Enjoy your lawn this year, and learn everything you can to succeed even greater next year!

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