Scotts Fertilizer

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Scotts Fertilizer

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is not always an easy feat. Many problems can plague your lawn, such as weeds, dandelions, and dried brown spots. However, making your lawn lush and green is made much easier when you have the right products.

Leading the way in this field is Scotts Miracle-Gro company, which makes Scotts fertilizer and other products. While many people have heard of Scotts fertilizer, they may not realize the extensive range and variety of lawn care products that Scotts has in its arsenal. The company, which has been around since the late 1800s, has grown to a company of close to $3 billion in sales annually. They have an extensive variety of products including fertilizer, seeds, weed killer, and plant food.

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Of course, one of the most important ways to get that beautiful lawn is to have the right fertilizer for your grass. Scotts has such a wide variety of fertilizer that they have one for any kind of grass or situation. For example, if you have bluegrass, rye grass, bent grass, zoysia, or some other kind, there is a particular fertilizer just for your grass.

Even more importantly, Scotts has different fertilizers for different kinds of outcomes. While all of the varieties help to feed the grass, which is the primary reason for fertilizer, they also have a solution that can control existing weeds, prevent crabgrass, control bugs, prepare for winter, and even grow newer better grass. Any problem you may have with your lawn, Scotts has a solution for you. It certainly helps lessen the stress and frustration that comes from lawn care when you have products that do just what you need them to do.

One of Scotts lawn care service most popular and well-known fertilizers is turf builder. That one product itself comes in several different kinds including one with the addition of 2% iron, which helps against drought and dry conditions, and a variety that comes in a bottle that has a built-in spreader to make things a bit easier when it comes time to apply the fertilizer.

Along with the typical chemical-based fertilizers that most people are familiar with, Scotts even has fertilizer for those people who are interesting in having an organic lawn. Their “organic choice” lawn food, which is nitrogen based, both feeds and greens lawns naturally. This product should be applied four times per year for the maximum benefit. Scotts also have a number of “natural” products in their other lines, as well, including plant food. Scotts fertilizer does not mean chemicals only, so keep that in mind when developing your lawn treatment plan.

One of the best things about all of Scotts fertilizers are that the packaging gives an enormous about of detailed information to ensure that you are properly applying the products to your lawn. Nothing is worse than buying a product and not knowing the proper way to apply it, which results in further damage to the lawn.

Although there are many other brands of fertilizer to choose from, the best way to get an ideal lawn is to rely on the best – Scotts fertilizer.

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  1. Karen Henning

    I had a bag of Scotts fertilizer with crab grass preventer in it in my garage from last season. When I tried to use the product on my lawn this season the fertizer had clumped up so bad that I could not get it broken up even if I used a hammer. Please advise if you will replace this bag. Also, if you will do nothing to stand behind your products, how can I dispose of this product now?

    I had a bag of fertilizer with weed control also in my garage from last season which was from Menards and this product was fine and I used that bag. It did not clump up like the Scotts product did.

    Your comments would be very much appreciated.

  2. Karen,

    First of all, Blades Lawn Care is not affiliated with Scotts so if you want to pursue them directly you should visit

    In regards to your problem, clumping is caused by air and moisture exposure. The best thing you can do to prevent it is to seal the bag as best you can. I’ve had Scotts fertilizer clump, but never so much that it wasn’t able to be broken up. Then again, I’ve had some organic products such as corn meal clump up on me. It seems like you will have to purchase a new bag this year, but try to seal it after use if there is some leftover.

  3. I applied the scotts turf builder 2 wks ago end my crabgrass and dandilions seem to enjoy it they look bigger and more yellow than ever. Help!!!

    • I find the product marketing to be overstated usually. Be diligent and patient. You might have to apply a little elbow grease or spot treat. My personal experience with “weed & feed” type fertilizers has been one of reduction rather than elimination. Good luck Tonya.

  4. David Spangler

    I put in a new lawn 4 weeks ago. The landscapers used Madison Parks seed. It is coming in just fine along with many weeds. When can I fertilize and which Scotts product can I use?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    David Spangler

  5. Do you have a fertilizer that can be applied in the summer without burning the lawn?

    • Lesley,

      Organic fertilizer is perfectly safe from burning the lawn. I use a poultry based organic fertilizer and it works really well.

  6. What is best to use on Zoysia Grass to get rid of weeds. It’s a well establish lawn but the last couple years I have a lot of Clover and other weed sprouting up.

  7. Mike Warrick

    I have tried and tried to email you and send some photos of my yard that I am working very hard on trying to get it back to where it has normally been!!!! I have some winter kill that I have put Scotts grass seeds down and covered with Scotts potting soil. I have done that before with different brands and nothing happened sure don’t know why not. Also in the good part of the lawn there is a lot of tan grass. That is why I want to be able to send photos so that you can help me. I have tried to email you using emails on your web site and they are not working so please reply to me so that I will have a good email address.
    Thanks much,
    Mike Warrick

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