Beer Lawn Fertilizer – Effective or Bunk?

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Beer Lawn Fertilizer – Effective or Bunk?

It is true that microorganisms in the soil need and use carbohydrates, but they use complex carbohydrates that originate in plants, not the plain sugars found in soft drinks and beer. Many homemade lawn fertilizer recipes are made with beer. But, is it effective or simply a fancy snake oil? I am no scientist, but I do have enough common sense to put an end to nonsense.

With the popularity of organic fertilizer recipes, many old wives’ tales have surfaced pertaining to home products that claim to produce great results. Some are true, some are hardly effective, and others are completely false.

*Popular claim – Beer and soda will help feed grass roots. Beer recipes can help with weed control.

Beer has how much sugar? A can of beer has around 10 grams of carbohydrates. A gram is a really small amount. A can of beer has as much sugar in it as taking a couple sugar packets in your coffee. Visualize sprinkling that over your entire yard. It really is not that effective.

However, beer is excellent at protecting your lawn and plants from slugs. A container of beer set out overnight will often be full of slugs in the morning. It seems that the slugs are attracted by the yeast smell and fall into the beer, where they are anesthetized by the alcohol and drown.

Conclusion: Beer has no substantial worth except as an innovative marketing ploy and to kill slugs. Besides, who in their right mind would pour perfectly good beer on their lawn?

I prefer to use my trusty fertilizer spreader from Scotts lawn care service and a bag of ScottsĀ® fertilizer. I know it works!

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Matt Morrison is a lawn expert, homeowner, and website hobbyist from Texas. He enjoys working on his own lawn and helping others make their lawn the best it can be. You can read more of his articles here.

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  1. Have you ever tried it? Of course not. Beer doesn’t pay for your endorsement, but Scott’s surely does. What a bogus blog.

  2. Lynn,

    If you prefer organic fertilizer, then I recommend using compost, dried molasses, and a poultry-based fertilizer. Absolutely no beer – unless you like wasting it and prefer a bogus lawn! Cheers.

  3. Everyone who has read the blog should easily understand your opinion of beer fertilizers. However, you still have not answered the simple question: have you tried it?

    • As you can see, Lynn already answered the question for me with preconception. So why give an answer to it?

      As to your question, I couldn’t tell any appreciable difference with beer which is why I don’t like wasting money on it. The empirical and mathematical data simply don’t add up. However, the organic products I listed above do work very well, so I buy those instead.

  4. Ann Watson

    means he hasnt try it!

  5. I tried a concoction of beer, soda, mouthwash, ammonia and dish soap connected to my hose and sprayed the whole lawn. Grass looked greener and no weeds were present.

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